Our Team

Adrian Subono
Adrian Subono has ventured in the event organizing ever since the beginning of his career. He was appointed as the President Commissioner of Level Tujuh on 2009. On the same period, he was also in an artist management and the co-owner of one of the nation’s biggest music promoter.

Andhika Adiputra

Andhika Adiputra’s strong managerial and marketing skills are gained since his college years. He has worked in the event division for both profit and non-profit organizations, in national and multinational companies, for over 15 years. He joined Level Tujuh in 2009 and committed there ever since.

Indreshwara Murniadi
Indreshwara Murniadi manages several companies simultaneously. He’s the Deputy Managing Director at Level Tujuh since 2015. His managerial skills is accompanied by his strong accounting background.

Arief Satria Kurniagung
Arief Satria Kurniagung has more than 17 years of experience in event management industry. He worked as an event manager & show for 7 years before founding his own event organizer company Level Tujuh in 2008. He is also serves as a commissioner in an outdoor advertising company and in HIPMI Jaya (Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association – Jakarta Chapter) as the Chief of Creative Economy. He is the chairman of Pangudi Luhur High School Alumni Association.

Zack Sumendap
Zack Sumendap’s passion in event management began early, since he chose to attend 82 high school only because he wanted to involve in Kresikars, the school’s famous music event. During college, he used to organize musical concerts to raise funds for his foundation’s charity projects. He also actively involves in HIPMI Jaya (Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association – Jakarta Chapter) as Board of Supervisor.

Adya Rofan
Adya Rofan’s experiences in many fields has enriched his skills in the event division. He studied management and computer science. His previous works ranging from hotel management, architecture, to creative entrepreneurship. Now he’s an Account Director for Level Tujuh.

Dedy Wijaya
Dedy Wijaya’s solid background in law has enriched his skills as he chose to focus his career in the communications field. His track record as a leader has begun in 2003 for a multinational communication agency. Now he’s the Head of Production in Level Tujuh.

Andri Susetya

Andri Susetya has made a mark in the event division since 2006 when he cofounded an event organizer after previously worked as a project officer for several companies. He then joined Level Tujuh on 2008 as Senior Production Staff. On 2015 he was appointed as the Head of Operations.